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Meet the Bloggers: Makeup by Angel

Hi, everyone!  I thought I would continue the Meet the Bloggers series and feature the women (and men!) that contribute so much to the beauty community.  If you haven't already, definitely check out our first interview with The Nailpolish Addict.

Our second featured blogger is Angel from Makeup By Angel.  We met for the first time through Twitter and we've been longtime mutual followers.  She's been a great person to follow and I support her wholeheartedly, just as she has supported me throughout the years.  Her blog is great as well and provides a lot of great conversation, reviews, and tutorials surrounding makeup and beauty products.  Furthermore, her blog incorporates a personal element with the inclusion of her family.  It's a pleasure to know someone so dedicated to creating art, sharing experiences, and to her own family.  I really appreciate her allowing me to do a special feature for the blog!

Q:  Do you have any nicknames? 

A:  As a child my family called me Chicky, to this day I only have a few family members that still call me this. I have dubbed myself Froggistyle73 lol

Q:  Where are you from?  

A:  I am originally from Fremont, California but raised most of my life in Modesto, California.

Q:  What is a typical "day in the life" like for you? 
A:  Oh WOW, chaos!  I am a mother of 3 children and each have very different schedules. My day consists of shuttling kids to and from school, with a slight 1hour break by myself (which I'm taking advantage of right now) before I have to pick all the kids up again and start homework while making dinner. Then we have some family time together watching tv or playing the Wii before it's bed time and we repeat. 

Q:  Aside from beauty, what other types of things are you interested in?  Have you found that your interest in beauty has made a point of connection with any of these other interests? 
A:  Before I got into makeup and beauty, I enjoyed scrap booking.  I had a whole area in my bedroom that was dedicated for it and then it slowly got put to the side to make room for my makeup collection. LOL My husband is a photographer and that has got me more involved in photography, modeling and makeup.  Both scrap booking and makeup, even photography have all combined at one point or another. 

Q:  When did you first become interested in makeup and other beauty products?
A:  My husband started his own photography business and he needed a "model."  I hardly consider myself a model but he did need a subject to photograph. I noticed that my pictures looked dull and washed out.  In an effort to better understand why my makeup wasn't showing up in pictures, I turned to the internet to learn about makeup for photography and well...the rest is history. 

Q:  What is your personal philosophy regarding beauty?
A:  Do what makes you feel good!  In my life, pretty much everything I do is dramatic so why would I expect anything less from my makeup? LOL So take that into consideration for your life and your beauty rules. Take some risks and follow the basics of beauty, everything else you can make up as you go along. 
Q:  Who or what would you say are your beauty inspirations?
A:  I'm inspired by a lot of celebrities, it's sort of my guilty pleasure. I like to take looks they've done for promos and videos and re-create them to make them more wearable or more dramatic. I also take inspiration from nature, it's the best because nature never gets the colors wrong.
Q:  What do you believe is the worst beauty mistake that others could make and/or what are your beauty pet peeves?
A:  Beauty mistakes:  lining your lips in black and using a nude color inside the lines, wrong foundation color (too orange or too yellow), not blending your shadows. 
Beauty pet peeves: people who think there is nothing beyond MAC, drives me insane! 
Q:  How would you describe your signature makeup look?
A:  I go through spurts where I will wear a certain color all the time but I always mix up the color placement or technique. For the most part though, I would have to say dramatic looks are my signature go to looks. If I am not feeling the makeup for the day, I don't wear any.

Q:  What would you say are your "go to" products and what products are you currently in love with?
A:  Go to products: Revlon Colorstay Foundation is a must! Urban Decay Primer Potion. Maybelline Full N Soft mascara w/p formula. Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner. Wet N Wild Color Icon palettes!
Current loves: MAC Black Track fluid line, NYX Cosmetics blushes, lipsticks, glosses and eye shadow.  FLIRT! Cosmetics eye shadow
Q:  How did you get your start in beauty blogging and what was your main goal in starting your blog?
A:  My original goal was to have an online gallery of looks I had created or re-created of others. I eventually wanted to get my name and work out there to try and become more prominent in my community. Then I started having health issues and it became therapeutic and helped relieve stress and anxiety, so my goal changed. I wasn't needing to be known anymore, I just was doing it for me.  

Q:  Do your friends and family know about your blog?  If so, what do they think about it?  If not, why haven't you shared it?
A:  Some of my family know about it and almost all of my friends are aware of it.  My friends are very supportive and ask for my help often. My family is not as supportive and we don't speak about it.
Q:  What type of impact, if any, has running a blog had on your life?
A:  Having this blog is like having a job I actually like. It keeps me busy and also keeps me wanting more. I want to read and learn every bit of information out there so I can share it with others. I want to eventually be a MUA and put all of the knowledge to good use. I've become so passionate about it that it has become everyday life. My children are always getting lessons on skin and beauty lol.
Q:  We all know that you have a blog, but have you already or are you planning on posting videos to YouTube
A:  I have no plans of doing YouTube videos. I have friends that ask me all the time when I will start doing tutorials and I always say I won't be. LOL I try to keep my life pretty positive and there is so much negativity that comes from YouTube and I don't want to subject myself to that.  I know I could ignore it but there are so many great women, even men there with great informative videos that I don't think I need to join that world. I'm happy being a blogger :) 
Q:  What advice would you give someone that is looking to start their own blog?
A:  My advice would be, do it for you and make it what you want it to be! Stay true to you and be honest. People will see how genuine you are in your posts and will keep coming back. 

Q:  What do you think the future holds for you?
A:  I think with a lot of hard work and determination I will have a career with makeup.  I would love to go into business with my kids and husband one day.  My children, as young as they are, are already talking about their careers (hair, fashion and race car driver lol) and if I could combine them into a photography studio, that would be the ultimate job for me. 

Q:  What would you like people to remember about you the most?
A:  I am always me, computer screen or not it's always the real me. I'm fun, honest, passionate and there isn't 
a thing I wouldn't do for my family.

Would you like to appear on the next Meet The Bloggers segment?  Please send all interest notices to  I'm looking forward to getting to know you!


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Awe, it's up! Thanks again for taking the time to do this post and allowing me to be a part of it. I had fun.

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