Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation

Following in the trend of the HD and for-photograph foundations, Revlon released a version of their own.  Surprisingly, foundation isn't an area in which I've had a lot of product experience.  I've really only used a few and my products of choice in the past and thus far have been: Revlon ColorStay, Bare Minerals, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, and MAC MSFN.  Coming out of my Bare Minerals addiction (still love their products--just wanna try something new!), I thought that I'd try going back to liquid foundation.  While I did enjoy the coverage that Revlon ColorStay provided, I didn't like the smell and how thick it felt.  When I saw Photo Ready while browsing through the drugstore and after getting a personal recommendation from my friend, Iris, I thought that I'd give it a try.  (Once again, like with the L'Oreal base, late to get on the bandwagon, but I'm here!)

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
What it is:
A lightweight, but buildable foundation that includes SPF 20.  The formulation is designed to be non-greasy and give a dewy finish.  It also smoothes to hide imperfections.
My impression:
Many of the reviews that I have read have been positive towards this product.  There were some negatives listed, however, like the shimmer that is in this product.  Personally, the shimmer isn't blaringly noticeable or off-putting to me.  I feel as though every time I've used it, it has given a nice, even, and dewy finish to the skin.  Another point that some of the reviews warned about was that those with oily skin might have problems with it.  Just like me, the friend who gave the recommendation has oily skin and did not experience problems with it.  It was more of a reason for me to try, and after using it several times, I would have to agree.  I don't know if it is from the L'Oreal perfecting base or what, but the makeup was long lasting and I did not feel the slightest need to blot until over 8 hours later.  I don't know about you, but I like the feeling of being able to and wanting to touch my face at the end of the day.  I would have to say that I have definitely fallen in love with this foundation.  I found it to be much lighter and more blendable than Revlon ColorStay.  I liked that the coverage was buildable and there wasn't any strong scent that I could notice.  One of the other things that I really liked about this product was the fact that it came with a pump.  I know that was an issue with the ColorStay packaging and I like that the pump minimizes the chances of contamination.
My recommendation:
I'm sure you could tell by my impression that I am in love with this foundation, but I think that the best way to find out if it's for you is to try it out.  I was under the impresseion that I should stay away from it because of the issues that some people with oily skin have had and because some people found the shimmer very off-putting.  However, after giving it a try (it could also be related to the base that I started using), I really loved it and really see myself using this a lot more in the future.
The rundown:
  • Product:  5/5
  • Packaging:  5/5
  • Quality:  5/5
  • Overall:  5/5
  • Would I buy this again?:  Yes
  • Where to buy:  You can purchase it from the Revlon website, ULTA, or from various drugstores.
  • Price:  $12.99 at ULTA
  • Pros:
    +  SPF 20
    +  Dewy finish
    +  Lightweight formula
    +  Not greasy
    +  Buildable
    +  Blendable
    +  Pump packaging
    +  Long-lasting
  • Cons:
    -  Not as wide of a color choice when compared to ColorStay
Hopefully you found my review helpful!  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to review the product featured above. I purchased all of the products reviewed in this blog post and did not receive them for free. I ensure that this is my true and honest opinion.


Red said...

Great review Mellie! =) I've been curious about this foundation but as is typically the problem for me, Revlon doesn't make foundation light enough for my pale complexion. Oh well. lol

Janet said...

Awesome! I do believe that I will be picking this up this weekend. I am needing new summer foundation, so I think I'll give it a try! Thanks biffer! :D

TeaserhiMUA said...

I so badly wanted to try this product, but when they finally reached stores here, i couldnt get a shade to match my complexion, the darkest was still to light.. big booo! :(

Mellie said...

@ Red and Tsahi - lol, aww. Yeah, the range of colors is even less than ColorStay. :( Hopefully they expand upon it soon in both directions!

@ Janet - No probs, biffer! :)

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