Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: NYX Slim Lip Liners

For those of you that pay attention to the tags, you may have noticed that this post was tagged under the "5 Favorite Things" tag.  It's not a mistake--the reason that I've done that is because that I have reached the decision to discontinue the series indefinitely.  I'm sure that my spurts of hiatus from both Twitter and the blog have become evident.  Since I started working, I've been a little bit too busy and hurried in the mornings to create anything new and have consequently been sleepily running to my go-to looks.  Additionally, since I haven't really been purchasing or using new things, there haven't been all too many things that I'd like to post about.  I still plan on continuing the review segments, though, because I really enjoy writing them and I hope that you guys enjoy reading them, too!

NYX Slim Lip Liners
What it is:
This is what NYX brings to the table in terms of lip liners.  There are three versions of lip liners that NYX offers--jumbo, slim, and automatic.  This review will focus on the Slim Lip Liners.
My impression:
For those of you that have been following my blog since its creation in November and were around to read my New Year's Resolution post, you probably remember my resolution to wear lip products.  Well, I am proud to say that by using what I had and experimenting with different products, I was able to gain a greater appreciation for lip products.  I was experiencing some problems, however, like feathering and creasing.  For this, I went to my own personal "beauty consultant," AIversonBabe, who has always been there to help me with my beauty needs!  She suggested to me the NYX Slim Lip Liners, which she compared to the higher-end MAC lip liners.  I jumped at this idea, liking that the NYX lip liners were inexpensive and could allow me to develop a feel for lip liners as a whole since I had never used them before.  I was a little wary bceause the last NYX liners that I used were eyeliners, which I was not at all fond of because of how hard and difficult to work with they were.  I am pleased to say that I really like the lip liners.  They're creamy and apply smoothly and evenly.  The pigmentation is excellent--not sheer at all and it lasts me all day.  As long as I took care to moisturize and exfoliate my lips beforehand, I also found that these don't dry out my lips--very important because that is something that I really struggle with each day.  Me and NYX Slim Lip Liners?  Match made in heaven!
My recommendation:
There is no doubt in my mind that this is an excellent product and I would recommend it in a heartbeat.  Nice texture, smooth application, great pigmentation, long-lasting, and non-drying on top of all that?  It's hard to believe that a product like this would only be $3.50 (as listed on the NYX website), but no complaints on my end!  They come in a wide variety of colors and are sold in a vast array of places, so you might even be able to get them cheaper.  Definitely great for someone that is relatively new to lip products like me because they are inexpensive, but I feel as though even those that regularly use lip products might love these as well.
The rundown:
  • Product:  5/5
  • Packaging:  5/5
  • Quality:  5/5
  • Overall:  5/5
  • Would I buy this again?:  YOU BET.
  • Where to buy?  My main three sources are NYX Website, ULTA, and Cherry Culture, but there are a ton of retailers/etailers that sell NYX
  • Price:  $3.50 as listed on the NYX Website
  • Pros:
    +  Inexpensive
    +  Smooth appliation
    +  Creamy texture
    +  Great pigmentation
    +  Long-lasting
    +  Wide color offering
    +  Non-drying
  • Cons:  (There really aren't any that I can see...)
    -  You have to sharpen it a lot?  Haha.
Hope you found this review helpful!  If you have any questions or want to know any more about this product, please don't hesitate to let me know!

As a side note, for those of you that haven't checked it out yet, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with my Eyeliner Experiment.  I'm currently looking for eyeliners to test and try.  Thanks to everyone that contributed!  I really value your time!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to review the product featured above. I purchased all of the products reviewed in this blog post and did not receive them for free. I ensure that this is my true and honest opinion.


Jess said...

I love the slim lip liners too!

Alina said...

I have never tried NYX liners. They are def on my shopping list! I gave you an award hun! Go check out my blog.

Mellie said...

@ Jess - They're so wonderful. I'm totlaly in love, haha.

@ Alina - Thanks so much! ♥

xthrenody said...

Hi i was wondering if you could help me. im looking for this liner in a nude-pink colour but im not sure which one to get. im in asia so i have to buy it online. thanks! (:

victoria said...

Nice review! I tried these the other week on a WHIM and I love them too! Totally underrated product!!!

Victoria Stanell

Associate Product Editor

LJ said...

i LOVE NYX! ;)

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