Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in Business!

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my blog!  I'm sure most of you that followed my previous blog, Princess Mellie's Look Book, are wondering what happened.  Well, to make a long story short, a lot!  Life started taking the reins and I had to take a little break.  I'm back, however, and if you're still willing to read up, I'd love to have you as visitors.

Some of you are probably asking about the name.  Why LMFAO?  Why such a strange name?  It catches attention, that's for sure, but I thought that as an acronym, it encompassed everything that I was hoping a personal blog would convey--discussions about my life, makeup, fashion, and other beauty-related topics.  Furthermore, nothing brightens up a day like a warm smile and a deep, hearty laugh.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep up with this much better than I have in the past--I'm determined to, actually.  This year is one to accomplish my goals and I will see to it that I make regular posts throughout the duration of 2011 (and into the future!).

While we're on the topic of goals, I'd also like to mention that I'm currently in the process of finishing my last semester as a marketing undergrad.  I'm working to finish up my classes--including an International Marketing course that will have me traveling to Germany and France!  As I prepare to make my way out, I am also looking at either getting my first job or continuing my education with an MS in Marketing Research.

Many of you that follow me on Twitter or followed my previous blog probably already know that for the past couple months, I've been working a full-time internship with SAP.  That kept me extremely busy last semester, especially with the commute that sometimes took me up to 2 hours one way!  Additionally, I also picked up a gig as a contributor to a marketing website.  Although I'm only working part-time this semester and I'm still busy with school and life in general, I have a little bit more time to devote to making posts here.

So we'll see where this takes us!  I've got a lot of fun and informative posts coming up, so hopefully you stick around to see them.  Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see or anything like that and I'll try my best to work towards it!


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